L-2A, B-3, Golden Palace, Krishna Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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A Story to Tell

Every love story is special and needs to be told. Our skilled wedding planners listen to everything about you and your partner, take in the little details so we can incorporate them into your wedding because the biggest celebration of your love needs a little touch of your best personal moments. Our wedding planners make sure that your D-day leaves an impression on your guests and closed ones to remember always. A little sprinkle of your story here and there helps us achieve that in majestic and never done before ways.

Drafting the Plans

Once we know all about you and your partner, we start working towards making your wedding at Jaipur an eternally lasting album of a celebration worth remembering. We want you to know that we care about the biggest event of your life so we painstakingly create wedding designs and plans for you to choose from.

These ideas are customized as per your desire and designed manually by a skilled team of professional wedding planners and designers so everything is perfect like you would want. These designs include everything – the itinerary of events, venue preparations and so on. You can modify these ideas as per your liking, provide special instructions if any and let us do everything without a single thought of how it’s going to work out. What do you need to do then? Sit back with a glass of wine and let us do the job!

Work in Progress

Once you have selected the design and plan, we get in gear! Our goal is to make your dream destination wedding happen like you would want it to. Work starts the moment design is finalized and ready to be executed. Our services include everything that you could possibly want in your destination wedding. The various departments ranging from decoration, catering, photography and more get in action with your approval. But worry not, nothing happens without constant monitoring. We will provide you real time information of the progress and how everything will take place so you can see everything happen without having to indulge into anything first hand.

The D-Day

Now that everything has been prepared, it’s time to see it come into life.

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