Gone are the days when all the brides would opt for were red or maroon, and colours like white and black were off-limits. Brides these days are rocking every colour under the sun, and so many of them being the trendsetters that they are, really take things up a notch. Bridal lehengas were traditionally red, or sometimes green, but slowly evolved to include colours like fuchsia, orange and shades of deep blue and purple. On the other hand, brides started loving pastel shades like light pink, which have over time evolved into newer shades like peach, lavender, lilac, beige, light blue and even sage green and white!

Yup, the shades are endless, but there is one big conundrum that lies at the centre of it all- how do you decide if you want to be a bride wearing a bright or dark shade or one who rocks a pretty pastel one? While some of you may know already, there are others, who might not be so sure. So here are our two cents on how to make this decision, and we really hope it helps!

1. Skin tone is an important factor

Something might look nice on another bride, but it’s not necessary that it will make you glow the same way, and vice versa! Once this is figured out, half of your work is done. Here is a simple guideline to stick to:

  • Cool, pale skin tone: Pastel tones and softer colours suit these skin tones better. Something very bright could look very stark! If you want to pick something other than pastel, then go for darker shades rather than brighter like emerald green and deep blue. Stay away from colours that have a slight neon tint to them like tomato red or orange. There are a few pastel shades that might wash you out completely.
  • Warm, medium skin tone: Colours like reds, royal blue or green, orange and even yellow look good on this skin tone. If you do want to pick pastel, then colours like light pink should be picked over blush pink, beige or white.
  • Olive skin tone: This is the skin tone most Indian girls have, and mint green and warm pastel pink shades work wonder on this skin tone. Millenial pink is an amazing shade to pick, and so is lilac. Anything which is too bright might or might not work- you have to check that it doesn’t make you look too dull- the outfit should complement your skin tone.


2. The time of the wedding in the day.

While eventually it is your decision, we do feel that a pastel lehenga suits day weddings more, and bright, dark lehengas look better in the night. That doesn’t mean there aren’t brides who haven’t rocked it vice versa, but it just becomes harder to make a pastel lehenga look super amazing at night. Shades that come in between the two, like coral and fuchsia are better suited for that. Or you can always make a brighter or darker shade easier by contrasting it with something pastel!


3. Sometimes coordinating with the season helps!

Winters are generally associated with rich, jewel tones and heavy fabrics like the velvet and silk. And summers with bright, light and happy colours and free-flowing fabrics. So you could take that as a rule of hand as well! Red and fuschia are generally colours that look good in every season!


4. The venue makes a difference too!

Is it an indoor or outdoor wedding? That can help you decide too! It can be hard to make a pastel outfit look as pretty as it is in natural lighting under artificial lights, and that might dial down the glam a bit. At the same time, a super bright and heavy lehenga might look too bright in the sunlight or for a beach wedding. Make sure to pick a lehenga that goes with the feel of the place where the wedding is happening.


5. What’s the groom wearing?

While most brides tell the bride to pick what they want the groom to wear, it might be a nice decision to think of what looks good on the groom and what he’s comfortable in. If dark shades look nice on him, then pick accordingly, or you could do neutral on him with a pastel lehenga on yourself!


6. Think of a colour scheme

Is there a particular colour palette for the wedding that you had in mind? Is it a light, pastel-toned wedding in mind that you’d prefer or something with stark colours and contrasts? Will make your decision a wee bit easier?